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Keynotes & Speakers

  • Muneo HORI,
    Professor,Tokyo University, Japan

    Application of high performance computing for earthquake hazard and disaster estimation

  • Şevket DURUCAN,
    Professor,Imperial College, UK

    Monitoring, assessment and mitigation of rockburst and gas outburst induced seismicity in longwall top coal caving mining

  • Ismet CANBULAT,
    Professor,University of New South Wales, Australia

    An overview of research into understanding coal burst

  • Feng DAI,
    Sichuan University, China

    Fracture Tests on Rocks under Different Loading Rates: Progressive Fracture Mechanism and Rate Dependence of Fracturing Profiles

  • Katsumi KAMEMURA,
    Fukada Geological Research Institute, Japan

    Seismic Response and Stability of Rock Tunnels – Its History and Problems Today

  • Reşat ULUSAY,
    Hacettepe Unıversıty, Ankara, Turkey

    Assessment of complex large slope failure at Kışlaköy Open pit mine, Turkey

  • Hiroshi OGASAWARA,
    Professor,Ritsumeikan University, Japan

    Spatial variation in stress in seismogenic zones in South African gold mines

  • Kourosh SHAHRIAR,
    Amirkabir University of technology, Tehran, Iran

    Dynamic analysis and investigation of vibrations induced by train from the subway station